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absent_son's Journal

Charlie Weasley
12 December 1972
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Right, hello all. I'm Charlie Weasley, second out of seven. Reasonable sort of bloke, nothing extraordinarily special.

Don't listen to anything Bill tells you about me. He's a lying bastard. And don't take anything the twins give you, as they are sly. And keep an eye on Ginny, because she's a tricky girl in the best sort of ways.

I am nothing so extraordinary. I like flying and dragons and the color red and shoot off sparks when I get mad. Been in Romania enough to practically be Romanian, which is both appalling and rather wonderful. Fucking Romania.

Charlie Weasley belongs to JKR and is only being borrowed to be played with in hex_files. Callum Blue doesn't normally look so ginger and, presumably, belongs only to himself.